Mina Kimes Says Turkey Is Just a 'Gravy Delivery Vehicle'

Mina Kimes on "NFL Live"
Mina Kimes on "NFL Live" /

I'm a big fan of Mina Kimes and have enjoyed watching her star rise at ESPN over the past few years. Unfortunately, today she said something sacrilegious on air that must be addressed. During NFL Live, Kimes gave her Thanksgiving food power rankings and threw turkey under the bus. We're now officially fighting.

Check out the segment below:

According to Kimes, turkey is, "just a gravy delivery vehicle"? Really Mina, really? I've heard this before from people whose opinions I don't respect, but having Kimes deliver it was rough. Guys, if you don't like turkey you're clearly preparing it wrong.

OK, sure, my mom is a James Beard Award-nominated author of 20 cookbooks, and sure I grew up thinking Thanksgiving dinner was akin to a religious experience, but my opinion on this hasn't been skewed as a result. Turkey is delicious when prepared correctly and I will fight you if you suggest otherwise.

Proof is in the fact that the day after Thanksgiving turkey sandwich is among the most hallowed holiday traditions. It's not just a part of the meal, it's the centerpiece. Why? Because it's fantastic when done right.