Mina Kimes Thinks Fans Should Pace Themselves When Sports Are Back

Ryan Phillips
Mina Kimes, Dan Le Batard and Pablo Torre on "Highly Questionable"
Mina Kimes, Dan Le Batard and Pablo Torre on "Highly Questionable" /

Mina Kimes is always good for a few laughs when she's a panelist on Highly Questionable and Tuesday was no exception. Kimes thinks that after months without sports, American sports fans may overdose on the action when it's back. Then she broke out a few analogies and even she admitted, things got weird.

She actually compared it to being in a long-distance relationship then finally seeing your significant other and...well, you get the idea. Check out the clip below:

Dan Le Batard and Pablo Torre both enjoyed this but I think they sensed things went a bit off-the-rails there at the end.

Kimes does have a point though. It will be interesting to see if the way we consume sports will change when they come back after such a long layoff. With the NBA and NHL preparing to ramp back up, golf and the UFC both kicking back into high-gear and Major League Baseball in negotiations to do so, we may wind up with a ton of sports available to us all at once. That could be overwhelming for some, or it could be just what we need.