Mina Kimes Started Talking Jets-Broncos, Dan Le Batard and Pablo Torre Walked Off 'Highly Questionable'

Ryan Phillips
Mina Kimes left all by herself on "Highly Questionable"
Mina Kimes left all by herself on "Highly Questionable" /

Dan Le Batard and Pablo Torre were not into discussing Thursday Night Football on Friday's episode of ESPN's Highly Questionable. Unfortunately for them, Mina Kimes really wanted to talk about the Denver Broncos' win over the New York Jets and was ready to provide in-depth analysis. A genuine moment of social protest followed as Le Batard and Torre walked off the show in protest.

Check it out:

I'm fairly certain Le Batard and Torre represented all of America during that segment.

You have to respect Kimes' dedication as she went deep with the analysis while Torre reclined on his couch to catch up on some reading.

Seriously though, how did that question lead off the show? Game 2 of the NBA Finals is Friday night and there are a ton of great stories in Major League Baseball right now, and you led with Broncos-Jets? For shame faceless producer, for shame. I doubt the same mistake will be made again.