Milwaukee Bucks Overwhelming Title Favorites Next Year in Nick Wright's Byzantine NBA Tier System

Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors may still be hungover after capturing the franchise's fourth crown in eight years, but it's the Milwaukee Bucks who have truly accomplished something as they sit atop Nick Wright's NBA Tiers, unveiled today on First Things First. Better luck next year, Steph and Klay and Draymond.

Not just that, Giannis & Co. are "overwhelming favorites." And try as I may, I simply cannot disagree. They were a Khris Middleton injury away from repeating and if we know anything about Khris Middleton, it's that he will not allow himself to be sidelined in consecutive years.

Just below the Bucks are the Mavericks and Clippers in "potentially devastating." In the Clippers' case, we can remove the "potentially" because they will, in fact, be devastating once again to their fansbase. If Dallas gets someone to pair with Luka Doncic, their damage will be inflicted on others.

Wright lists the Warriors and Celtics as "title contenders" and it's very easy to see them contending for titles because they just played in the NBA Finals. The Memphis Grizzlies join those two and with Ja Morant, all things are possible.

Fourteen teams then follow in "championship upside," "what do you want," "on the upswing" and "eh, I guess." It is really quite a document. The type of thing you need in late June when the sports calendar is getting more sparse.

You may disagree with the arbitrary sorting, but you cannot knock the hustle.