Miles Mikolas Takes a Shot at Manny Machado Before Padres-Cardinals Series

Miles Mikolas, St Louis Cardinals Photo Day
Miles Mikolas, St Louis Cardinals Photo Day / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Miles Mikolas is out for the season thanks to a torn flexor tendon in his right arm, but that doesn't meant the St. Louis Cardinals hurler is above a little trash talk. Hours before his Cards face the San Diego Padres in Game 1 of their NL Wild Card series, Mikolas threw some shade a Padres third baseman Manny Machado.

During an appearance on MLB Network Radio, Mikolas said he'd rather face Machado than Fernando Tatis Jr. That's a fair stance given how good Tatis is, but that's not where it ended. Mikolas' reasoning was that if Machado hit a ground ball he'd be "dogging it to first and that's an easy out."

Here's the clip:

You can bet Machado and the Padres will be pinning that one up on the bulletin board.

The "Manny Machado doesn't hustle" narrative is so tired. Machado has more stolen bases than anyone on the Cardinals' roster. He hustles on defense constantly and has repeatedly stretched things on the basepaths this season. Guys who "dog it" don't make plays like this.

It's a ridiculous narrative that came from a misunderstood quote from Machado a few years ago when he basically said he wasn't going to be a "fake hustle" guy.

We'll see what happens as these two teams battle over the next few days.