Miles Bridges Released New Rap Video With NBA on ESPN Theme Song

Liam McKeone
Miles Bridges
Miles Bridges /

Miles Bridges can jump through the roof and routinely gives NBA fans the kind of thunderdunks that make up most highlight montage videos on YouTube. It turns out the young Hornets forward can also rap pretty well! Bridges' burgeoning rap career is a fun side gig to keep track of when there's no basketball on and he released a new song this week.

It is called "ESPN." It features Terry Rozier. And the beat is a remix of the NBA on ESPN theme song. It goes (NSFW language).

Not bad at all! Bridges has the flow down, that's for sure. He can write pretty good bars, too. He just needs to find his "rap voice" as demonstrated in that one scene from Straight Outta Compton.

Bridges will join his teammates in trying to elevate the Hornets to the next level starting in about a month. In the meantime, he and Damian Lillard should team up.