Mikhail Prokhorov Is Selling the Nets, Re-Live the Time Mike Francesa Interviewed Him

By Mike Cardillo
Mikhail Prokhorov Yes Network Interview w/ Mike Francesa
Mikhail Prokhorov Yes Network Interview w/ Mike Francesa / NetsBasketballTV

Mikhail Prokhorov is exploring options toward putting the Brooklyn Nets up for sale today, according to numerous reports on the Internet. Call it a safe guess an NBA team with a new arena in the United States’ most-populated city will fetch a pretty penny on the open market, considering the Clippers sold for over $2 billion in 2014. Without anything else to add of substance, let’s flash back to May 20, 2010 when Prokhorov joined everyone’s favorite human being, Mike Francesa, for a fun little interview which included a tweak of Francesa’s former partner Chris Russo around the 3:10 mark.

Prokhorov: By the way I have a question to you: where is the Mad Dog?

Francesa: Where is the Mad Dog? Uhhh … the Mad Dog is working on a different network now. Whoever put you up to that question, we’ll get to him later but uh honestly we worked together for 20 years, Mike & the Mad Dog. We went our separate ways. He now works on satellite radio. So we’ve gone our ways. He’s gone into obscurity and I’m still here. No, but honestly he’s doing very well.

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