Mike Zimmer to the Cowboys Is Now a Floated Possibility

Ryan Glasspiegel
Mike Zimmer as a Dallas Cowboys assistant
Mike Zimmer as a Dallas Cowboys assistant / Kirby Lee/Getty Images

The Cowboys are still taking forever to officially part ways with Jason Garrett, and we're not going to let their "abundance of care and respect" prevent us from talking about what might come next. ESPN NFL reporter Dan Graziano floated an interesting possibility on Get Up this morning -- a return of Mike Zimmer to Big D:

Graziano prefaced it by saying that this would be contingent on the Vikings losing to the Saints this weekend and noted that Zimmer does have a year left on his deal with Minnesota.

Nevertheless, Zimmer was a defensive backs coach on the Cowboys from 1994-1999 and their defensive coordinator from 2000-2006. Jones runs the Cowboys as a family business, so it's not the most shocking speculation in the world that he would potentially be interested in someone who has 12 years of working experience built in.

The Vikings are 57-38-1 in the regular season and 1-2 in the playoffs in Zimmer's tenure. It remains to be seen if they'd let him out of his deal, but add him to the watchlist of potential Cowboys candidates to replace Jason Garrett.