Mike Zimmer Demonstrated How to Safely Scream in a Referee's Face During a Pandemic

Mike Zimmer and his mask.
Mike Zimmer and his mask. / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Harrison Smith was ejected from the first half of the Minnesota Vikings - Houston Texans game during week 4. Smith was called for targeting after he hit Jordan Atkins helmet-to-helmet. Vikings coach Mike Zimmer did not agree with the call and let the officials know it. And he did it in a way that won't get him a big fine from the NFL.

Look, if Andy Reid is doing something - like wearing a face shield or using Patrick Mahomes as quarterback - every coach should try and copy him. Zimmer did just that and was able to loudly express himself to officials in a matter that was both safe and effective.

Guys like Jim Harbaugh, Jon Gruden and Mike Leach could learn a little from the examples set by Zimmer and Reid. Safety first. Fashion second.