Mike Woodson Calls Fran McCaffery's Disappearing Technical Foul 'Bullsh-t'

Stephen Douglas
Indiana v Iowa
Indiana v Iowa / Matthew Holst/GettyImages

The Iowa Hawkeyes upset the #15 Indiana Hoosiers on Thursday night in Iowa City, 91-89. The ending of the game was not without controversy as Iowa coach Fran McCaffery had another one of his incidents, this time going across halfcourt to confront a Hoosiers' assistant coach. A technical foul was called, but officials eventually rescinded it for some unknown reason.

Iowa had a two-point lead at the time with less than a minute remaining. As you might expect, Indiana coach Mike Woodson did not agree with the decision.

"I'm not even going to comment on that because that's bullsh-t is what it is, and you can print that. Because, again, when you can allow coaches to come across half court into your space, that's bullsh-t. It is."

"He did call the tech and he pulled it back, which was bullsh-t. Guy should've been thrown out of the g--damn game."

Now comes the part where the B1G says that McCaffery should have been assessed a technical foul and Indiana still has to hold the L. A resolution everyone will certainly agree with.

It may not be related, but this incident took place two days after McCaffery's son, Patrick McCaffery, took a leave of abscense from the team to address his anxiety and deal with his mental health.