Mike Wilbon on 'Get Up': 'Aaron Rodgers is Done in Green Bay'

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

What's up with Aaron Rodgers? That's the question of the impeding NFL offseason. Following a season-ending loss in the NFC Championship Game, Rodgers made a vague comment about his future being up in the air. A few days have passed and no one has come out and said anything that would convince people this isn't going to be a whole thing. Then on Tuesday morning Mike Wilbon went on Get Up and proclaimed that Rodgers is done in Green Bay.

(The video is queued for when Wilbon starts talking. He says Rodgers is done around the 2:15 mark.)

Now, does Wilbon have a motivation to put this out into world? Could he possibly want there to be discord in Wisconsin that would push Rodgers to leave the Packers? Does he root for a specific team that could really use a good quarterback? The answer to all of that is yes.

Back in April 2020, right after the Packers drafted Jordan Love, Wilbon predicted that Rogers would be in a Bears uniform "in the next couple of years." This may just be more wishful thinking. Aaron Rodgers leaving the Packers is the kind of thing every Bears fan wants to see. If he somehow ended up in Chicago, all the better.