Mike Tyson Looks Absolutely Jacked Two Weeks Ahead of His Fight Against Roy Jones Jr.

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Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson /

Mike Tyson is scheduled to fight Roy Jones Jr. in a pay-per-view exhibition boxing match on November 28th. Tyson posted some pictures on Instagram today and he looks absolutely massive. Tyson, 54, looks every bit a heavyweight so it will be interesting to see what Jones, 51, looks like when they face off. Jones was a light heavyweight the last time Tyson fought in 2006.

Tyson is definitely ready to go. He was on Russ Wilson's podcast last week and also took that opportunity to remove his shirt and show off his hard work. Yup, he's still terrifying.

In addition to Jones and Tyson, the PPV will also feature a boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson. Yes, that Jake Paul and that Nate Robinson. Should be quite a night for the sport.