Mike Tyson Caught Drag Racing in Albany: This Day in Sports History

Brian Giuffra
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson / Barry King/Getty Images

As a 22-year-old, Mike Tyson had the world in the palm of his iron fist. He was the heavyweight champion of the world, rich beyond his wildest dreams, and could get away with just about anything he wanted-- which isn't a good thing, but did include a relative slap on the wrist for drag racing his Lamborghini on this day in 1989.

So the story goes: Tyson, in the driver's seat of his high-performance Italian sports car, put the pedal to the floor in an effort to beat a 22-year-old named Mark Johnson in a drag race in Albany. Let the record show Johnson was driving a Chevy Blazer. Advantage Tyson.

Iron Mike was clocked going 71 in a 30 MPH zone. He pleaded guilty in court to a lesser charge of going 60 in a 30 and received a $100 fine. He did not lose his license. Tyson paid the fine in cash.

Only 10 days after this incident, Tyson was stopped again for drag racing, this time against an 18-year-old who was driving a Toyota. His total fines for the two incidents were $334. He also had to conduct three boxing classes for disadvantage youths.

It's ironic who Tyson was racing against, given at the time his opponents in the ring were as young as his opponents on the road. Clearly he just wanted to win.