Mike Trout Does Not Sound Amped About Quarantine Baseball

Kyle Koster
Mike Trout
Mike Trout / Norm Hall/Getty Images

All parties would really love it if the sports start happening sooner as opposed to later. Some are just a bit more mindful of the stunning logistical challenges that must be tackled and occasionally point them out. It's worth remembering that even if heaven and Earth are moved to facilitate games, it'll be on the players to show up and play them.

Keep that in mind as you listen to Mike Trout, the best player in baseball, talk about the possibility of playing under quarantine. Spoiler alert: he isn't about to veer into the nearest brick wall out of some unbridled enthusiasm.

That right there is a human being bringing up some very human concerns. He is surely not the only star player with some rightful trepidation about the whole thing right now.

If you do what one should never do and take a stroll through the replies to this content you can begin to envision a nightmarish scenario where players are put in the tough position to push back against playing conditions they feel are unfair and deal with the subsequent negative impact from a public devoid of empathy.

Sure hope we don't cross that bridge.