Young Angels Fan Ready to Take On Every Single Rays Player After Mike Trout Gets Plunked


Although he seems more than a mortal most nights, Mike Trout is not immune from human pain and frustration, both of which he was forced to confront Wednesday night after Tampa Bay's Ryan Yarbrough plunked him in the left arm. Trout, who carried a .407 batting average and absurd 1.253 OPS into the matchup, shook off his smartly protected tricep and made his way to first base without incident.

The same cannot be said for one young Angels fan in attendance. This little guy was beside himself with raw vengeance and let everyone in the stadium know about it.

There is nothing more intimidating than a raspberry delivered from a place of anger. Really lets the recipient know just how little the person thinks of them. This youngster has a bright future going to the dark places baseball managers go when their pitchers are being squeezed or their runner has been deemed to be out of the baseline. Shades of Bobby Cox or Lou Piniella or Sparky Anderson or any other combustible live wire.

This is the exact type of young teammate you want having your back — whether the support comes from the dugout out or the 300-level. The Angels should find a way to get him more involved this season. Seems like an essential locker room presence who would only set the franchise back a rookie contract.