Mike Trout Hits a Golf Ball Into Outer Space

Kyle Koster
Mike Trout, thinking about how far that golf ball went.
Mike Trout, thinking about how far that golf ball went. / Masterpress/Getty Images

Mike Trout is one of the most dynamic players to ever step onto a baseball field; a devastating blend of speed and power with a compact swing that wastes no energy. And there's nothing professional athletes love more than playing golf, including playing their own sport. So it's really no surprise that Trout can blast a golf ball to Kingdom Come. But nothing can fully prepare a person for the exit speed Trout generates here at Top Golf.

You can't hear it but there were several people off-camera imploring the Angels great to play in the Waterbury Open this weekend. It could be the only way to get his grandmother out of a jam.

When I was young and the world was still innocent, my biggest dream was to get access to an empty Tiger Stadium with a bucket of golf balls and an aluminum baseball bat. Now as an adult, I think I would pay a decent amount of my hard-earned money to see Trout in the same position. One has to think he could blast those suckers halfway to the moon.

Though the liability waiver for all involved would be astronomical.

Anyway, something for Major League Baseball to consider whenever it needs to obscure the horrible truth with a slugger blasting some cross-sport dingers.