Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh Had a Tense, Awkward Handshake After the Steelers Beat the Ravens

By Jason McIntyre

John Harbaugh, being civil: “Congratulations.”
Mike Tomlin, clearly in a hurry: “Thank You.”
John Harbaugh, feeling he’s being brushed off, pulling Tomlin back: “Hey, hey, hey, congratulations.”
Tomlin, who has better places to be: “Thank You, that’s all,” (at least it sounded like “that’s all”) with an unfriendly stare. [UPDATE: Some of you seem to think Tomlin said, “Thank you, good job.”]

John Harbaugh was left wondering what the hell happened (in the game and in this moment). So I am, frankly.

Steelers 23, Ravens 20.