Mike Tannenbaum Revealed Bill Belichick Sometimes Holds Football Meetings in the Sauna

Stephen Douglas
Bill Belichick drafting in a sweatshirt.
Bill Belichick drafting in a sweatshirt. / Getty Images/Getty Images

Bill Belichick runs a pretty tight ship. He is a no-nonsense coach. If you show up and do your job he will employ you until he thinks you can no longer help him win football games. He suffers no fools in press conferences but loves the history of the game. It's all very cut and dry. Unless you're in the sauna where he apparently conducts meetings according to former Belichick employee Mike Tannenbaum.

Tannenbaum revealed this detail on ESPN's Get Up this morning. It sent Dominique Foxworth and Ryan Clark into hysterics. Mike Greenberg, the veteran host, was merely amused and made sure to clarify he did hold meetings in the sauna. Belichick will certainly not be amused.

Now we know that he wears those sweatshirts all the time because he is addicted to sweating. Guy can't even have a full meeting without hopping in the sauna.

Revealing one of the secrets to Bill Belichick's success wasn't the only thing that caused Tannenbaum to get a reaction during his appearance today. He also suggested Ben Roethlisberger might be the third or fourth best quarterback in the AFC North, which nearly put former Steelers' safety Ryan Clark into a coma.

Tannenbaum has to be careful throwing around these secrets and takes before he kills someone. Get Up panelists getting on a Zoom call with this man are basically viewing the football version of the tape from The Ring.