Mike Tannebaum Consumes Gigantic Smoothies Before Going on ESPN

Liam McKeone
Mike Tannebaum slugs a smoothie
Mike Tannebaum slugs a smoothie /

Mike Tannebaum has successfully pivoted from NFL executive to ESPN media personality over the last few years. Some believe his secret to that success is a smart football mind combined with a plethora of front-office sources and a comfortable on-camera persona. That would be incorrect.

Get Up revealed to us this morning that Tannebaum's formula is quite simple: tossing back a gigantic smoothie straight out of the blender before going on television. This is how one earns a spot on ESPN.

My biggest question here is why. Not why is he drinking the smoothie. Smoothies are delicious and nutritious. But why is he drinking it straight out of the blender? I'm a man of personal convenience at all costs myself, but is he not nervous about an overflow? Tannebaum must be the most confident man in media if he'll wear a light-colored shirt while chugging a purple smoothie from a receptacle ripe for spillage.

Clearly it's working, though. So you do you, Mike.