Mike Silver: RGIII Asked the Redskins Not to Show His Bad Plays in Film Study

Ryan Glasspiegel

It’s been an ugly season so far for the 3-7 Redskins. There’s been a this-is-what-happens-when-teams-are-losing media frenzy surrounding Robert Griffin III’s leadership and purported controversy with the Shanahans, and the passive aggression took another turn this morning when Mike Silver went on the NFL Network and reported that the battle inside the organization “could be coming to a head”:

"“Inside the building, we talked to people familiar with the situation, they perceive RGIII as kind of insecure, specifically about Kirk Cousins, which may be one reason he (RGIII) was so eager to rush back. At Baylor (University), they didn’t put RGIII’s bad plays up on the board in the meeting rooms. Sources familiar with the situation say he has asked the Redskins to do the same. They have refused to up to this point.”"

After his camp maybe leaked this information to Silver, Mike Shanahan was quick to issue a denial:

This ongoing story will likely continue to be so much fun until the Redskins either go on a winning streak or finish their season and make some changes in the offseason.