Mike Rice: Video of Rutgers Coach Assaulting Players and Throwing Balls At Their Heads

By Ty Duffy

Mike Rice was suspended for three games and fined $50,000 in December for his conduct during team practices. ESPN’s Outside the Lines obtained video of him hitting, shoving and kicking players as well as verbally abusing them and even throwing a basketball at a player’s head.

It is incredible this did not result in him being fired, especially at a public institution. Three games? Counseling? Really? Under what rationale is he let back in a room with “student-athletes?” One isolated incident would have been bad. This appears to be a systematic pattern.

It’s really hard to see Rice or the AD surviving this, especially after firing the whistleblower. You have to question why Rutgers felt it was a good idea, legally or practically, to let the AD get tag-teamed by Jeremy Schaap and Don Van Natta Jr. on live television.

[Video via ESPN]