Mike Piazza Had an Insane Appearance on 'Baywatch' 25 Years Ago

Mike Piazza on Baywatch.
Mike Piazza on Baywatch. /

Mike Piazza had an absolute whirlwind of a cameo on Baywatch in 1995. The mullet'd Dodgers catcher was practicing his swing on a crowded beach while wearing his hat and jersey. Lifeguard CJ Parker, played by Pamela Anderson, approached the bat-wielding maniac to find out why he was doing that and he simply explained he was trying to keep his swing sharp during the strike. This was apparently OK as long as he didn't hit anyone. And then things got crazy.

Piazza and Anderson rush to save a woman who is struggling in shallow water. Let this be a lesson that shallow water can still be dangerous. Piazza even confirms how strong the tide is. This is why the ocean is so terrifying!

The good news is that Piazza looked like he successfully picked up the bikini-clad beach-goer that he helped save. This is the kind of heads-up play only a catcher is capable of.

This episode aired May 1, 1995 - a week after the '95 MLB season started. So you might be wondering why Piazza would be at a Los Angeles County beach that day instead of with the Dodgers as they lost to the Giants.

It was actually the fourth consecutive game that Piazza missed. Was he just hanging out at the beach, swinging a baseball bat and waiting for a beautiful woman to get caught in the surf the entire time? Perhaps. All we know for certain is that after he made that new friend he returned to the lineup and proceeded to go 17-of-43 over the next week with four doubles and four home runs. So overall, I guess Piazza should consider this a successful trip to the beach.