Mike Pereira: NFL Sky Judge Makes Too Much Sense

Ryan Glasspiegel
Mike Pereira
Mike Pereira / Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

MIAMI, FL -- I have spent about a year telling anyone who was willing to listen -- and honestly probably many people who were not, too -- that the NFL could solve all of its officiating issues in one fell swoop by anointing Mike Pereira as all-time sky judge. The way it would work is that any play is reviewable and it gets sent to Pereira, who has a 30-second shot clock. What he says goes. The public's trust in him supersedes anything the league has to offer.

Anyways, I ran this idea by Pereira at Fox Sports Media Day and here was his answer:

"First of all, I love the idea of a sky judge," Pereira began. "We fiddled with it in the AAF and I actually performed the duties a couple times. I love it. It's such a radical change. I think officiating needs a radical change. I think a sky judge should be responsible for correcting things that are either called or aren't called and when it involves player safety."

Here, Pereira advocated for the sky judge to have discretion over things like facemasks or helmet hits or interference calls, with fast deciveness to keep the game moving. "I think it's a great concept," he said. "I think it's a workable concept. It would help getting more calls right in real-time because you wouldn't have to stop for three minutes and use replay. But it's kind of one of those that makes so much sense that it'd go nowhere."

Nevertheless, Pereira does not consider himself the person for the job. "I like being in the booth or being on my couch."

I interjected that the NFL should let him do the job from his couch; he laughed: "I'll try anything."