Mike Pence Says 'That's My Jam' in Public

Politicians need to stop trying to be cool.


Mike Pence is on the campaign trail, attempting to capture the GOP nomination for the 2024 presidential election. On Wednesday, he tried to look natural pumping gas and it didn't work, while on Thursday he tried to act cool. It didn't go over so well.

Someone in the crowd handed Pence a jar of jam and he said, "As my kids would say, that's my jam." The delivery was classic Pence. Stiffer than a plank of wood.

Check it out:

His kids had to cringe so hard watching him say that. I mean, wow.

Politicians trying to be cool has been an epidemic plaguing this nation for years now. The advent of television has only made it worse.

It's been a busy day for viral political moments. Ron DeSantis' phone went off during a speech and Joe Biden dressed down Peter Doocy for asking a dumb question. I keep saying it, but I'm not sure people are prepared for how insane -- and stupid -- the next 18 months are going to be.