Mike Nolan Might Not Be Very Smart

Ryan Phillips
Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan /

Mike Nolan had quite an ordeal on Monday and the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator deserves a little sympathy and probably a lot of mocking.

Nolan had to put his Monday press conference on hold because he had Tabasco sauce on his finger that then got it in his eye. Yeah, that actually happened.

He needed a few minutes to compose himself.

Mike, have you never watched Hot Ones? Rule No. 1 is never touch your eyes or face! I get that after your defense's performance so far this season you might think you need to be punished, but this is taking things too far.

Given Nolan's obvious lack of situational awareness, I guess it's not surprising the Cowboys rank 27th in the NFL in total defense (408.1 yards per game) and dead last in points allowed per game (34.7).

The 1-6 Cowboys have been awful this season, so this is just one more indignity added to the mix.