Mike Moustakas Won Someone A Car With This Massive Home Run


Mike Moustakas hit his 20th home run of the year on Sunday, and it was even more special than usual. Yes, Moustakas’ bomb helped his Milwaukee Brewers beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-2, but the real reason it was such a big deal is he won someone a new car.

There’s a Toyota Rav4 in right center field at Miller Park, and Moustakas hit it on the fly. That means a lucky fan went home with a new car.

Check it out:

And here are the happy fans:

It’s the first time anyone has won a car through that promotion.

Moustakas and teammate Christian Yelich are both on tears right now. As Moustakas hit his 20th on Sunday, Yelich hit his 24th, making them the best power duo in the bigs right now.