Mike Milbury Mocks Pat Foley for Griping About Late Blackhawks Start Times

Ryan Glasspiegel

" For everyone who missed it, here are Milbury’s comments directed at Pat Foley on the late start times. #StanleyCup pic.twitter.com/qZiAqeWzKO — One Goal. One Team. (@onegoal_oneteam) April 22, 2016 "

Pat Foley, the Blackhawks’ television announcer, had his broadcast of Game 5 against the Blues simulcast on NBCSN on Thursday night. During a rant (below) about how it was the third time in the series that a game started at 8:42 central time, and how players, coaches, and fans hate this on school/work nights, the national network cut him off and went to commercials.

Mike Milbury, a member of NBCSN’s studio show, later said (up top), “If that’s too late for certain announcers I think they should just let somebody else call the game and stay home and get a good night’s rest.”

Milbury said the purpose of the late start was to make it so all the playoff games can be shown nationally, but as someone who mostly only watches these Blackhawks games I’m inclined to side with Foley.

The 8:42 start is more or less fine for me personally, when it ends in regulation. But, when these games go to overtime, the next day is all but guaranteed to be a cranky and groggy one. However, I also get that it’s a tricky situation for the network when the western conference games take place in a time zone that is closer to the east coast.

The late starts in the NHL, and the NBA – which are more brutal because I actually care about watching almost all of the games – are more or less a fact of life around this time of year, and by now sports fans know going into it that daytime energy will be at a premium.

[Via Puck Daddy]