Mike Mayock Has Succinct Message About Antonio Brown Status

Ryan Phillips

Antonio Brown and Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock are clearly at odds after an altercation on Wednesday. On Thursday, Mayock addressed the media and said Brown wasn’t in the team’s building and wouldn’t be practicing.

He said he had no other update.

Here’s the video:

Brown will reportedly be suspended by the Raiders due to a confrontation he had with Mayock on Wednesday. In fact, the Raiders could move to void the guarantees in the massive contract he signed this offseason. If that happens, they could also release him without having to pay him out.

Adam Schefter has the details on that:

Brown and the Raiders have been a hilariously dysfunctional relationship from the jump. The training camp drama surrounding Brown’s frostbitten feet and picking a new helmet, it’s clear Mayock is fed up. This is not the way he wanted his first season as an NFL general manager to begin.