Mike Lindell and Donald Trump Will Have Competing Social Media Platforms

Stephen Douglas
Mike Lindell at the White House.
Mike Lindell at the White House. / Drew Angerer/Getty Images

There was a time when My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell appeared to be united with Donald Trump in a single goal to keep Trump in office. That singularity appears to be gone now that the two are apparently preparing to launch competing social media platforms over the next couple months.

Lindell made the unhinged announcement on The Eric Metaxas Radio Show! this morning. Lindell's pitch to influencers? Sign up and get a million followers immediately! You don't need to earn them, that's just how free speech works on "Frank."

Just an incredible rant by Lindell who finished by calling out "Mr. Alphabet," "Mr. Google," "Suckabuck," and "Dorky." It is unclear if Donald Trump's new social media platform will feature auto-follows or protections against that list of people who are trying to control who will be going to prison according to Lindell.