Mike Leach's Social Media Ban is a Pointless Distraction From a Bad Season

Stephen Douglas
Washington State v Arizona State
Washington State v Arizona State / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mike Leach has banned his Washington State team's players from using social media following their four-point loss to Arizona State over the weekend. Leach told the press that the Cougars were entertaining "too many distractions" and should have done it earlier. There are many things to note about this.

1. Mike Leach previously banned Washington State players from social media in 2012. It was his first year with the program and they finished the season 3-9. That social media ban came after four consecutive losses. The ban did not turn things around as the Cougars lost their next four games as well.

2. If Leach had banned social media way back in training camp, he never would have gotten in trouble with the OCD community.

3. About that. Remember that? It was less than a month ago. Back when his team was undefeated and social media was fine and if you had a problem well, that's good bad.

4. Mike Leach constantly talks at length about complete nonsense during his press conferences. Seems... distracting. Perhaps this social media ban is an attempt to distract from the fact that the coach isn't having a good year. Or that he hasn't recruited as well as he had been.