VIDEO: Mike Leach Calls Reporter a 'Sanctimonious Troll'

Ryan Phillips
Mike Leach
Mike Leach / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Mike Leach is never one to stay silent, but he may have taken things a bit too far Friday night. After his Washington State Cougars lost to the Washington Huskies 31-13, Leach lashed out at a reporter.

Leach was asked by John Blanchette why he thought he'd lost the Apple Cup seven straight times and the mood in the press conference shifted. He claimed it was because of recruiting, where services have ranked Washington's classes much higher than Washington State's. When Blanchette asked wasn't he supposed to beat team's with better recruiting classes, Leach snapped.

Check it out:

Yeah that's an ugly scene. Those are both completely fair questions for Leach given his previous statements. I don't know anything about John Blanchette or his column in the Spokesman-Review, but I can tell you this makes Leach look bad.