Mike Leach Loves Cargo Shorts For a Very Personal Reason

Kyle Koster

Washington State football coach Mike Leach is not a boring individual, which is a welcome change as most in the profession seem content to have robotic personalities and spout off motivational sayings about being tough and owning the moment. Because it’s early August and the content will not write itself, Leach was asked to explain his fondness for cargo shorts.

“Stuff” could be interpreted through a family-friendly lens to mean assorted keys, gum, whistles, and other accoutrement routinely found in an athletic coach’s pockets. It could also be interpreted as Leach’s privates, which you are now forced to imagine jostling around like one of those perpetual machines a boss might have on his or her desk.

It’s times like these that those The More You Know commercials don’t really hold up. One cannot imagine this intimate knowledge of Leach’s nether region will have any real-world benefit but, hey, here we are.