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Mike Leach Discusses Halloween Candy, Including His Hatred of Candy Corn

Ryan Phillips
Mississippi State v Texas A&M
Mississippi State v Texas A&M / Bob Levey/GettyImages

After thumping Vanderbilt 45-6 on Saturday, Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach didn't about the battle on the field in his post-game interview. Instead, he was asked his opinion on various Halloween candy, including his well-documented hatred of Candy Corn.

Here's what Leach had to say about Halloween candy:

It turns out, Leach is a big fan of gummies -- no, not that kind. He loves gummy bears, and correctly advocates for Haribo. He also seems to love fruity candies, as he mentions Spree, but his favorites are boxed, which are available at your local Dollar Store (if you're taking notes). He's also a big fan of Nerds gummy clusters -- seriously, the man if a maniac for gummy candies.

Leach says something that I realized during a recent trip to Italy, and it's that Europe has way better candy than we do. It's a stone-cold fact.

Oh, and if he's going chocolate, Leach likes Almond Joy.

So there you go folks. The man who will expound on virtually anything has given you his detailed thoughts on Halloween candy. Go forth and use this information wisely.