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Mike Leach Doubles Down on His Hatred of Candy Corn

Ryan Phillips
Mississippi State v Texas A&M
Mississippi State v Texas A&M / Bob Levey/GettyImages

Mike Leach's well-documented hatred of Candy Corn was kicked up another notch on Tuesday. Given a chance to soften his stance on the hardened corn syrup creation, the Mississippi State head coach decided to double down.

Yeah, I don't see his opinion changing or softening in the future, Leach seems pretty set on this one. He hates Candy Corn and that's not changing.

On Saturday, Leach expounded on his distaste for Candy Corn, while running down his list of favorite Halloween candy brands. Turns out he has some really detailed thoughts and really likes gummy candies.

Leach's team is 4-3 on the season and 2-2 in the SEC this season. The Bulldogs face 6-1 Kentucky this weekend.