Mike Leach Calls The Bachelor 'Atrocious'

Ryan Phillips

Mike Leach and his Washington State Cougars are going to be the subject of a HBO reality show which will essentially be Hard Knocks for college football. On Wednesday he joined The Darren Smith Show on XTRA 1360 in San Diego and revealed he’s not a big reality television fan.

Specifically, Leach claimed The Bachelor was garbage.

Leach revealed he watched Naked and Afraid and had seen some of the Raiders’ season of Hard Knocks, but not much else. Here’s what he had to say about what is arguably America’s favorite reality franchise:

“I don’t watch that. My wife and daughter watch that. You know, no offense to The Bachelor people, I think it’s just atrocious. It’s obviously very popular, so clearly I’m wrong, but I don’t watch that.”

So there you go, Mike Leach is not a fan of The Bachelor.

Listen to the full interview below: