Mike Gundy to Reporter: 'Don't Be an Ass'

Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Oklahoma State completed a disappointing 7-6 year by losing to Wisconsin late last night in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl. During his postgame media availability longtime Cowboys head coach Nike Gundy was asked about the potential of making some staff changes in the offseason. He didn't much care for that.

“Do you think I would tell you if I was making staff changes? OK, well, I might have to cut you out, don’t be an ass,” he said. “Those are those people’s lives man, it’s those people’s families, right? OK. You don’t mess with people’s families. Let’s do this the right way. You with me on this? It’s not fair to people’s families, man. I’m not mad about the game, I just don’t like ignorance.”

It's a perfectly legitimate question and one Gundy gets paid millions of dollars to answer. It's certainly not a softball but there are any number of ways he could have gotten through the process of not answering it. One would be to simply say he'll review the situation. Another would be to say that those discussions have yet to occur. Another would be that he was saving offseason decisions for the offseason and the bowl game just ended minutes ago. Almost anything would be better than what he chose to do.

Still, a clarifying response.