Paul Finebaum: The Sooner Oklahoma State Gets Rid of Mike Gundy, The Better

Kyle Koster
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Mike Gundy did a very Mike Gundy thing and it caused great drama in the Oklahoma State football universe yesterday. He tamped down things enough to get Chuba Hubbard to appear in a weird video in which the wrong person apologized. But much like an OAN t-shirt wasn't the beginning of things, promising change won't be the end of things.

There's an argument to be made that Gundy has earned a lifetime achievement award in the form of a firing. Paul Finebaum was ready to deliver it this morning on Get Up.

"What I can't understand is why Mike Gundy has been allowed to continue at Oklahoma State. This is not his first rodeo. This is not the first time he has embarrassed if not humiliated that university. The sooner Oklahoma State gets rid of Mike Gundy, the better it's going to be for that school and especially the players who go out there every Saturday and give their blood, sweat and tears."

Finebaum continued, saying the only thing of meaning Gundy has contributed was a viral rant, but highlighted the major issue is his insensitivity and penchant for putting foot in mouth.