Mike Greenberg Incensed by Mere Suggestion That Tom Brady Would Return to Patriots

'Get Up'
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The idea of Tom Brady returning to the New England Patriots was floated last week and will now dominate most Brady-centric discussion until the playoffs start. This is because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are clearly not good enough to compete for a Super Bowl title so there's little use discussing how they stack up to actual championship contenders. And because debating whether or not Brady will return to play next year at all isn't very fun.

So the talking heads are skipping a few steps here in pursuit of engaging content. It worked this morning for Get Up because of Mike Greenberg. Greenie looked like he was about to walk off set listening to Mike Tannebaum (poorly) explain why Brady should return to the fold in Foxborough. He then fiercely demanded to know if Brady would really sign up to get coached by Matt Patricia and Joe Judge. It was good television.

Greenberg's response is extremely correct because Tannebaum was throwing out some BS. The offensive line is not secretly better than it seems. It's awful! Mac Jones' sack rate is one of the worst in the league! And the skill position dearth is not overstated in any manner. The only thing Tannebaum is right about is that the Patriots have two decent tight ends.

Gotta side with Greenberg here. He also may just be projecting as as lifelong New York Jets fan. Can't rule that out, either.