Mike Greenberg Vows to Go On a Darkness Retreat If Aaron Rodgers Signs With the New York Jets


It's Friday on Get Up so that means it's time to get weird and say a bunch of stuff people will hopefully forget over the weekend and Mike Greenberg came out firing, apparently vowing to go on his own darkness retreat should Aaron Rodgers sign with his beloved New York Jets. Which could very realistically happen.

Ryan Clark chewed on the idea for a bit and wondered just how the hell that would work. In short, he's not too confident Greeny could hack it.

We totally disagree. Greenberg can do a darkness retreat. Anyone can do a darkness retreat. There's a light swith for God's sake. And no one seems to care if you bounce early having achieved peak enlightenment while mulling life's great mysteries.

Plus, just think of the content opportunities. A video diary of the experience could fill several C-blocks as we approach the dog days of spring before the NBA Playoffs begin. Greenberg could get started on another book. Hell, he might even come back a transformed chill person who casually mentions that the Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott situation does not matter at all in the grand scheme of things.

Actually, that might be bad television.

But anyway, Rodgers to the Jets feels right as the ultimate decision here and we hope Get Up's quarterback is held to his bold claims.