Mike Greenberg Reminds Viewers of Bob Gibson's Greatness

Mike Greenberg.
Mike Greenberg. /

In the pantheon of sports legends, Bob Gibson's name rarely comes up. That's a shame because he might be the best pitcher of all time and definitely had one of the greatest seasons in sports history. In case you didn't know this, Mike Greenberg reminded viewers about Gibson's greatness on today's Get Up following Gibson's death over the weekend.

When MLB fans discuss the best pitchers of all-time, names like Walter Johnson, Randy Johnson, Cy Young and Sandy Koufax are most commonly thrown around. When they discuss the best postseason pitchers, Orel Hershiser, Madison Baumgartner, Randy Johnson, Koufax and Curt Schilling are brought up.

Gibson, as Greenberg points out, might have had the best season in baseball history and was one of the most dominant pitchers in playoff history. It's time to give him his due.

During the 1968 season in question, he went 22-9 with a 1.12 ERA with 13 shutouts, 28 complete games, and 268 strike outs. They lowered the mound and tightened the strike zone after that season. It didn't impact Gibson, who went 43-20 the next two seasons with 51 complete games. In his career, he won 251 games and threw 255 complete games.

He won two World Series MVPs and threw eight complete games in nine World Series starts. He had a 1.89 career postseason ERA with 92 strikeouts. He's the only person to accumulate 30 strikeouts in the World Series. He did it twice.

Gibson passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer at age 84 this past week. Since then, many articles and videos have been made focusing on his greatness. The more the better. It's time we discuss Gibson as the best pitcher to ever do it.