Diehard Jets Fan Mike Greenberg: Adam Gase Should Be One and Done

Ryan Glasspiegel
Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Mike Greenberg has been fired up a lot over the years after Jets debacles, but his diatribe against Adam Gase on Get Up this morning was about as feisty as he ever gets. Jump the 4-minute mark:

Greenberg acknowledged that Sam Darnold's performance was dismal, but put the onus on the coach. "Last night, to me, as a lifelong Jets fan, was much more about the coach than it was about anything else," he said. "I was willing to give Adam Gase a pass through the two weeks of non-existence that was the Luke Falk era because I figured no one could coach that. But last night was one of the worst coaching performances I've ever seen in my life."

"All I am is a fan and I can see he's not helping Sam Darnold out there," he continued. "You guys are experts and you can explain how. But when your young quarterback, around whom you are building an entire franchise, is saying on national TV 'I'm seeing ghosts out there,' and you still have him out there down 33-0 against the Patriots and Bill Belichick ... in my opinion, and I'm not kidding when I say this, there was a one-and-done coach in the NFL last year in Arizona. And I believe Adam Gase is gonna be the same with the Jets this year."

Greeny isn't really known as a hot-taker, so when he says something like this it bears paying attention to the developments over the next couple months.