Mike Golic Jr. Made Good on His Threat to Show A Lot of Thigh on Television

Kyle Koster

An increasing weary nation tossed and turned before getting a few winks of fitful sleep last night, paralyzed by fear that Mike Golic Jr.'s threat to display too much leg would be acted upon when they woke up.

Any hope that cooler heads and warmer thighs would prevail in the morning quickly evaporated as Golic & Wingo came on the air.

Want to see more? Well, you don't have a choice because Golic Jr. was not about to leave anything to the imagination.

Those brave enough to not look away in horror can find beauty, even in this. First, it appears someone has been finding a way to work the hamstrings even as gym access evaporated in Connecticut. Could it be stair work? Lunges off-camera during commercial breaks?

Secondly, as someone who is actually less tan than Golic, it is quite inspiring to see someone confident enough in their own skin to not let a lack of sun stand in the way of enjoying maximum comfort.

Bloggers everywhere must be amused at how television's big personalities have leaned into this whole working-from-the-basement thing. It's good to be a trendsetter, though not to the recognized in real time.