Mike Golic: Jason Day Should Have Protected His Wife from LeBron James

Kyle Koster

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic will be inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in April. If you want know how they got there, it’s by having the bravery to do segments like this one where Golic chastises Jason Day for not doing more to protect his wife as LeBron James hurtled into their courtside seats last night.

Now, we should allow for the very realistic possibility that Golic was joking. Considering the physics at play, it’s hard to believe anyone could actually react quickly enough to stop a 250-pound man’s momentum on a dime from a seated position.

Then again, ESPN put the segment on its website so they want it in front of eyeballs.

At the risk of being a humorless killjoy, let me point out that Jason Day risking injury — and his livelihood — in that moment might not be the best thing for his family. Let me also point out that a slow-motion replay undersells just how quickly the incident happened.