Mike Golic is Taking Ideas on Twitter For What They Should Discuss on 'Golic and Wingo' With No Sports

Stephen Douglas
Mike Golic at the Radio Hall of Fame.
Mike Golic at the Radio Hall of Fame. / Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Mike Golic has asked the question that everyone in sports media needs an answer to - what are we supposed to do now? Golic took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to ask what topics fans would like to hear discussed on Golic and Wingo. It's a good question and quite frankly, we need those answers.

Right now, the ONLY news is the coronavirus. Aside from the potentially devastating impact it's going to have on real people, it's destroyed the sports world. All professional sports are on hiatus. All major college sports are canceled. High school sports are next and the Little League season will be in danger soon.

So as we deal with this and search for distractions where sports used to live, what do people want to talk about - besides politics. Television? Movies? Stamp collecting? Tom Brady's free agency? Every content producer in the world is going to need to answer this question over the coming weeks and months. So if you have an answer, let Golic - and us - know.