Here's Mike Golic's Emotional Final Segment on ESPN Radio

Kyle Koster

Mike Golic's 22-year run on ESPN Radio came to a close this morning, flanked by his family in the basement. It's probably not how one would have predicted it'd end months ago but predicting the future is pretty much a relic of the past now. The final show was at times funny, at times emotional, and a celebration of a Hall of Fame career from start to finish.

Here is his final segment, which featured an emotional tribute from Mike Golic Jr., some math, some memories, and some tears.

Ever since the elder Golic found out his radio days were numbered like the rest of us did — in an Andrew Marchand column — the kind words and remembrances have been flowing in from within the ESPN family and from outside of it. Everyone has taken a step back and considered what he's been on radio and how easy he made that look — both things that were taken for granted in real time.

Golic was never the sexiest or splashiest personality. But if anyone thinks there will ever be another person at ESPN who can be both authentically normal and likable early ever morning for two-plus decades, they're dreaming.