Mike Francesa was Upset with his Messy Studio

By Mike Cardillo

Mike Francesa is an acquired taste, yet his radio show on WFAN remains “New York’s No. 1.” There’s a reason why he needed a young Jay Glazer to serve as his bodyguard when he’d head to the bathroom at the NFL Draft.

Tuesday afternoon — the day after the Yankees dropped a tough game to the Orioles and two NFL games were played — Francesa opened his show, naturally, complaining about the cleanliness of his studio while attempting to dust off his microphone.

Maybe Francesa is only a “New York thing.” If you’re outside the bubble you’re probably scratching your head over something like this.

To WFAN junkies, its nonsense like this why Mike remains the king.

In other WFAN news it appears the Yankees are on the verge of moving their broadcasts to the station in 2014, as Newsday reports. [Video via @JimmyTraina]