Few Things Are As Exciting as Mike Francesa Talking Stocks

Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Though he's best known for being a sports-broadcasting legend, Mike Francesa is a well-rounded person with a wide array of interests, many of which do not include a stick and ball. And thankfully he has room to explore all of those avenues on his podcast. Recently he went deep on the stock market.

Bull market. Bear market. You name the market and he's there.

It starts with him asking "with all the information out there, why do you need me to be giving you stocks for" but that's just a speed bump to pointing out that through the years he's stock picks have done "very well."

Right now he likes Amazon and Apple. They're a bit off the beaten path but if you do your research into these companies you might like what you find.

Look, money is money and we should all be thanking Francesa for putting a little bit more of it in our pockets. But this sounds an awful lot like someone doing a segment they don't even want to be doing on their own show. As someone who has seen a few seasons of Billions and rewatched Boiler Room 50 times, I was under the impression that the money game is usually a bit more lively. But then again, there's something to be said about keeping a cool head and not getting too emotional.