Mike Francesa: Sports Shangri-La Is Coming

Ryan Glasspiegel
Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa / Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Mike Francesa has been commissioned for WFAN Sunday mornings from 9am-1pm ET for the foreseeable future, and it was a welcome thing to listen to today. In one segment, he proclaimed that all the events that are getting postponed now -- NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, MLB, golf and tennis majors -- will coalesce for "sports Shangri-La" in July through September:

We of course don't and can't really know the timetable on if or when things will return, but it's honestly just good to hear an optimistic tone about all this. To think of a time when everything getting delayed now is, to use Francesa's wording, jammed together, and then you throw in football as well.

If we all dream it, perhaps it can come, even if for awhile there are no fans in the venues.