Mike Francesa Says 'Mike and the Mad Dog' Audio From 1989 to 2002 Was Accidentally Destroyed

Ryan Phillips
Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa /

Mike Francesa dropped a bombshell on his audience Friday. The veteran radio host revealed that classic audio from his old show Mike and the Mad Dog was accidentally destroyed. Apparently there is no remaining audio from the years 1989 through 2002. That's a huge blow to long-time fans of his old show with Chris Russo.

Back in the old days of radio before everything was digitized, WFAN had to put tapes of its old shows into storage somewhere. That stuff takes up a lot of room and apparently it was stored for a while, then accidentally destroyed. The only Mike and the Mad Dog audio left lasts from 2002 through when Russo left the show in August of 2008.

Here is the segment where Francesa broke that news:

Man that's rough. I know people who grew up on that show and they'll never get to hear old episodes or segments again.