Mike Francesa Leaving WFAN Afternoon Drive Again

Ryan Glasspiegel
Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Mike Francesa's days doing afternoon drive for WFAN are numbered, and he announced today the end is in sight again:

Francesa has been in afternoon drive on WFAN for most of the past 30 years, first starting with Mike and the Mad Dog in 1989 and from 2008-2017 as a solo host. He retired at the end of 2017, but returned several months later.

There is no denying that Francesa is an absolute legend, but his consistency has dwindled a bit in recent years. To be sure, there are days when he still has his fastball, and you don't want to be a New York athlete, coach, or general manager on the opposite end of his sword.

Nevertheless, he is on pace to lose the quarterly ratings battle to The Michael Kay Show on ESPN for the first time ever (there have been disputed battles where he's won streaming plus radio, but the ad feeds were sold separately on WFAN and so New York declared victory), and observers could read the writing on the wall.

We shall see what form Francesa's content takes from here on out, and how his time is divided between Entercom's Radio.com app and WFAN.